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Royal Canin Great Dane Adult 12Kg

Royal Canin Great Dane adult dog food is a great choice to provide your Great Dane with the high energy levels they need, without overloading those sensitive stomachs.
Great Dane moms and dads know their giant babies can very easily fall victim to Gastric Torsion. That’s why this diet is jam-packed with highly digestible L.I.P proteins and special fibres to contribute towards your Great Dane's intestinal comfort and overall well-being.
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It’s also enriched with EPA & DHA to help maintain healthy joints, bones and optimal weight. 

So do indulge your giant Great Dane with this breed specific and very tasty (yet soft on the tummy) diet.


It’s important to divide the daily ration into at least 2meals in order to limit the risk of gastric dilatation-volvulus. See FEEDING GUIDELINES.

  • Suitable for ADULT GREAT DANE > 24 months old
  • This diet boasts a selection of highly digestible L.I.P proteins and special fibres to limit intestinal fermentation and to promote a balance in the intestinal flora
  • Formulated with adequate energy levels to meet the high energy levels of a Great Dane (without overloading their sensitive stomachs)
  • Enriched with EPA and DHA to help maintain healthy joints, bones and ideal weight
  • Exclusive kibble shape is specifically designed for Great Dane breed’s jaw to help make it easier to pick and to help encourage them to chew
  • Royal Canin is known for their exceptional palatability, yummy yum yum
  • 100% money back guarantee – because Royal Canin is THAT confident