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Royal Canin Kitten

Recommended for KITTENS < 12 months
Royal Canin Kitten Food now flaunts an improved formula to provide your kitten with an even BETTER head start in life!
Packed with betaglucans, antioxidants, adapted protein, vitamins (incl. vitamin D), minerals (incl. calcium), a high energy content and special fibers to help promote digestive health, good stool quality, strengthened immune system and to help keep malevolent disease-causing viruses and bacteria from grabbing a foothold.
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What’s more – Royal Canin pride themselves in their exceptional tasting kibbles, making you pave the way for a bright and healthy future a whole lot easier.


  • For ALL BREED kittens < 12 months
  • Royal Canin now flaunts an improved formula to provide your kitten with an even better head start in life!
  • Formulated with betaglucans to help stimulate white blood cell production to improve your kitten’s developing immune system AND to help keep disease-causing bacteria and viruses at bay
  • Improved antioxidant levels and formulated beta carotene and CELT complex (vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and taurine) to help neutralize oxidative free radicals that damage cells in the body
  • A blend of  highly digestible proteins and special fibres (psyllium, FOS-MOS) to help promote a balance in the intestinal flora, supports digestive health and provide good stool quality
  • High energy content to help assist in baby-bear’s intense growth period
  • 100% money back guarantee
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