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RZ - UVB Compact 10.0

ENERGY SAVING UVB BULB - The UVB reptile light save electricity
-perfect condenser with brilliant brightness, save a lot of power
- Durable-Intelligent chip ensures incoming steady current to better protect circuit board, can be used up to 3000 hours
Ideal Use for Variety Reptile-Our reptile bulb provides necessary for optimal calcium metabolism and is ideal for tortoises, frilled lizard and various desert reptiles
- Voltage:120V, High UVB output, rated at 26W. Lamp cap specification: E26
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R 455.90
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Repti Zoo - Infra Red Heat Lamp

Produce far infrared rays
Effectively provides an overall temperature source in the reptile habitat
Ceramic emitters are the most ideal “round-the-clock” heating source because it does not influence the normal Circadian Cycle of reptile pets.
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NP Reptile infrared ceramic heat emitter

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NP Insect Clip 18.5 x 6.8 x 4cm

Transparent material, more accurate when crawling insects.
Grab head has a vent hole, which can keep the air flow when grasping.
High quality ABS material, light use.
X-type design, comfort use.
Scissors are comfortable and gripping.
This product can be used to clean pet excreta as well as clamp small insects.
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