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Screen Terrariums

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Screen Enclosures - Green

Screen Terrarium is a perfect habitat for arboreal reptiles and amphibians that are sensitive to stagnant air. The non-restricted air-flow provides optimal ventilation while minimizing odors and fungus growth in your reptile’s habitat.
4 sizes available: Small, Medium, Large and X LArge

Chameleon Cage Outdoor

These cages are best suited for out door use to aid the chameleons to receive the full benefit of the UVB rays from the sun, weather proof and sturdy.
3 sizes to choose from:
Small: H850 x L500 x W 500
Medium: H850 x L850 x W 500
Large: H850 x L850 x W 850
Please note that it is not recommended to keep more tha one chameleon per cage as this will create further stress for the animals.
This product is available for free delivery in GP only.

Bearded Dragon Outdoor Cage

Ideally suited for most sun loving reptiles and not just Bearded Dragons, may be used for iguanas and other diurnal lizards.
2 sizes to choose from:
Small: H440 x L860 x W330
Large: H590 x L1260 x L660
Outdoor enclosure that can be used indoors as well if need be.
This product is available for free delivery anywhere in GP only.

UR - Pro-Cham Breeze Terrariums (Available from October 2020)

South African first in professional reptile terrarium series. Designed with experience and husbandry in mind for the serious enthusiast. Designed for life with world class features that's included:
Fire Retardant
Impact Resistant
Moisture Resistant
Easy Installation
Insect Proof
Germ & Pathogen resistant
Weather & Aging resistant

Black Aluminum Alloy Reptile Screen

New upgraded reptile mesh screen cage, more stable and durable.
Available in 2 sizes, suitable for different sizes reptiles.
Black color is fashionable and beautiful.
Suitable for many types of reptiles, especially Chameleons.
Lightweight and Can be assembled simply and quickly, no tools needed.