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sera Raffy I

sera Raffy I is the delicacy consisting of natural, gently dried Gammarus (87%), small fish and Krill for terrapins and other (occasionally) carnivorous smaller reptiles and amphibians.
The blend, which represents the natural food spectrum, is rich in optimally digestible protein, omega fatty acids, valuable carotenoids, minerals and trace elements as well as in ballast substances that regulate digestion.
This attractive snack supports disease resistance, development and liveliness when fed additionally on a regular basis.
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sera Raffy P

The balanced basis for terrapins
sera Raffy P is the staple food consisting of carefully processed floating granules for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins.
The balanced, tasty composition with animal and also required herbal ingredients is characterized by optimally utilizable protein, easily digestible carbohydrates and a high percentage of omega fatty acids.
The basic requirements of carnivorous reptiles are safely covered. Their healthy development and liveliness is supported.
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NP 26W UVB Fluorescent Bulb

Using uvb transmission quartz glass conducive to uvb wavelength penetration.
Low power, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Energy saving reptile uvb lamp has 5.0 and 10.0 two kind.
5.0 is suitable for rain forest reptiles living in subtropical regions, 10.0 is suitable for desert reptiles in tropics.
Daily exposure 4-6 hours, contribute to the synthesis of vitamin D3 and calcium combined to promote the healthy growth of bone and prevent bone metabolism.
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Superworms (Zoophobas Mario)

Superworms make a great additional food source for larger sized lizards, geckos, turtles and frogs, as well as many fish and birds.
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Tetramedica Goldmed 100ml

Tetra Goldfish GoldMed Tetra Goldfish GoldMed is a general remedy that targets the most common fish diseases, such as white spot, skin and gill parasites, fin rot, fungal infections and also prevents secondary infections.
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