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Skull Arch - 17x8x23cm

Aquarium Ornament Aquarium Decor
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Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Aquarium Glue (25 Pack)

Available loose or in 25 pack bulk.
Features: - Cyanoacrylate gel type instant adhesive
- Can be used in or out of water
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Nomo resin Skull NS-73

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Ideal hiding place, long lasting
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Sobo Sponge

Specification: Material: biochemical sponge.
Color: White. Size: 100*13.5*3cm(L x W x H).
Color: Blue / Green
Size: 64*12*2cm(L x W x H).
Color: Black
Size: 64*12*2cm(L x W x H).
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1 x Bags Filter cotton.
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