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Slim Filter - Hang on

Slim design
Quiet operation.
Easy maintenance.
3 Models to choose.
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  • TRIPLE FILTERING FUNCTIONS: It namely, mechanical, chemical and biological function, which can greatly enhance its filtering effect. Having excellent filtering effectiveness, the filter can make sure your the water in your tank is limpid and clean
  • MAXIMUM OXYGENATION: Revolutionary Bio-Falls Quad-Filtration system make the water flow can be adjusted bey the regulating valve, which increase the needed oxygen content for those creatures in the tank
  • FRIENDLY TO THE ATMOSPHERE: Adopting silent rotor motor, making no noise, thus providing a tranquil and serene environment for you as well as those creature in the tank
  • TRANSPARENT CHAMBER: Using transparent box for the filter, it is easy for users to observe the operation movement of the filter, thus also making it easy to maintain
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: This Filter is designed to provide comprehensive filtration for today’s modern aquariums, and it’s ready to go right out of the box – setup takes just a few minutes
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Before use, soak the Bio-foam in aquarium water for 5 mins.
During maintenance, always rinse the Bio-foam with drained out aquarium water only.
No tap water or hot water should be used at all.
When re-using the Bio-foam, do squeeze the foam in the water to remove all trapped air bubbles.
This will keep the filter stay submerged.
Suggest replacing the bio-foam every 6 months, to ensure the filtering effect as well as the growth of the nitrifying bacteria
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