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Slow Feeding Bowls

Ideal for dogs who love to gulp down their food, the Pawise Slow Feeding Dog Bowl is an excellent way to keep your dog's eating regulated and will help avoid upset tummies.
Your dog will love having a little fun during dinner time too! The bowl is sturdy and very easy to clean
The way it is constructed ensures that your dog has to work for every bite, stopping them from wolfing down their meal in one go.
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Grey Crickets ( Acheta Domestica) ((SPECIAL ONLINE PRICES))

Crickets (Acheta domesticus) are insects with distant relations to the grasshopper, and are found almost all over the world! Crickets can range in size, and we offer 5 sizes from pin heads to adults.
These insects are an excellent source of protein and are very easily “gut-loaded” with calcium and other important vitamins for your pets, just check out our cricket analysis:
Please note Pin Head bulk, XSML Bulk and SML Bulk is packed in smaller 2L containers however still in bulk quantities inside.
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