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1L Trigger Spray Bottle

1L Trigger Spray bottle
Ideal to mist birds for removal of feather dust and a quick bath.
Ideal for misting reptile and amphibian terrariums to increase humidity levels
Ideal for air plants or any exotic plants that requires additional misting.
R 30,00

Cat Ball Blue / Pink

Ball with rattle inside is ideal for cat fun, since in addition to the noise that is extremely stimulating for cats, it has a size that does not allow it to get underneath furniture or in small cracks, ensuring fun for much longer .
Diameter 120mm
R 30,00

Dog Cat Rabbit Colourful Plastic Pet Toy Ball with Bell

Small plastic tricolor bell ball
Dog toy antidepressant audible sound toy
Plastic ball & bell also ideal for cats
R 30,00


Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods
Great for temporary housing or quarantine
Transparent plastic door for easy access
Easy to clean and disinfect
R 85,00


R 46,35

Nail Clipper Scissors

Provide effortless precision cuts to the claws of your cat or dog with these New Pet Toe Nail Trimmers. These Brand New Pet Nail Clippers are sharp, precision-made clippers, the same used by professional groomers to maintain pet nails.
R 30,00


Pawise Rabbit Starter Kit is very easy to assemble and with no tools required. It even has a second level for your small furry friend to feel cozy.
The cage is made from chew-proof coated wire & stain-resistant plastic materials. Easy to assemble and clean. No tools required.
Chew-proof coated wire and stain-resistant plastic materials.
Comes complete with food bowl and drinking bottle.
Has a second level good for relaxation.
R 1 006,35


Pawise Exercise Ball Let you pet walk through your house safely. With this exercise ball your pet will get more movement which will improve its health. Once the ball has been put together, it is easy to open with the coloured sides. For example, it is not necessary to repeatedly put the ball together again, but you can easily remove and replace the lid. This hamster ball / exercise ball is ideal for rats and small rodents such as hamsters.
Small Ball ideal for Dwarf Hamsters & Mice
Medium Ball ideal for Teddy Bear Hamsters
Large Ball ideal for Rats
R 67,85

Sugar Gliders (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual)

These popular, adorable marsupials come from the same general family as koalas and kangaroos, and are native to Australia and New Guinea. When trained properly, Sugar Gliders are considered just as wonderful as any dog―with similar intelligence, personality, and affectionate natures.
R 220,00