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Snake Catcher Tongs Professional Reptile Grabber Telescopic

Snake Catcher Tongs Professional Reptile Grabber Telescopic Wide Jaw Handling Tool
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  • Long Rod Snake Trap stick the snake tongs can be adjusted from 55 inches to 89 inches, Weight: 2.3 lbs, Easy to store and keep you a long distance as needed. For catching snakes or other articles The extra length ensures an absolute safety distance, worry-free about being bitten by dangerous snake.
  • Professinal Snake grabber It is made to catch and hold a snake or reptile.The snake grabber is easy to operate, the handle fits well in the hand and the snake tongs have a positive hold without causing hurt.
  • Animal-friiendly Design Smooth, blunt, serrated jaws provide a better grip and far less chance of causing injury to the snake.
  • Heavy Duty Snake tongsthe wide jaw of the grabber are made of stainless steel and the pole made of aircraft grade Aluminum Alloy tubing material and a silver polished finish. Lightweight and sturdy for long-distance use
  • Ergonomic Handle and Anti-slip Design easy to use and save you more efforts,light weight,allow you to safely catch, control or move dangerous snake or other reptiles.