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Made from high quality stainless steel, safe and durable, not easy to bend A set of 6pcs and 5 sizes to meet different sizes of snakes
Round head, smooth surface, no harm to snakes
Can detect the sex of many kinds of snakes
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The principle is to insert the probe into the cloacae and determine the sex of the snake according to the length of the probe have been inserted into. With the snakes's abdomen facing upward, draw the probe into one of the penis in the direction of the tail. For the males,the length of the inserted probe will be 9-15 pieces of abdominal flake; For the females,the length of the inserted probe weill be 1-3 pieces of abdominal flake.

Chose the suitable size probe;
Use suitable lubricating oil or pure water for the probe, which will make the probe easier to slide in;
Bend the tail of the snake slightly backwards to easily find the cloaca. Use the probe to gradually probe the surroundings while slowly turning the probe forward to find any acupuncture just on both sides of the midline of the tail;
The probe can only be advanced with very weak pressure when exploring the semi-penile acupoints. Too much pressure will pierce the body tissue and cause it to be injured;
When the probe cannot meet resistance forward, please stop pushing hard and record the depth of the probe;
Reminder: A small number of snakes may have some bloodshots after using the probe, it's a physiological phenomenon. The round design in the front won't hurt the snake,no worry about this.

>Before use,please read the instructions carefully
>Don't bent the probe
>Please check the head of the probe to make sure no burr before use
>Clean the probe and dry it after use
>For children to use this probe should be supervised by an adult or guided by an experienced people.
>Keep the probe out of children's reach

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