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SOBO 3 Silent Air Pump

• Adopts a three-stage silencer chamber design and advanced air compression technology to minimize noise.
• Triple shock absorbers and special shock pads reduce vibrations to a minimum.
• The use of special synthetic rubber components, constant gas volume and pressure.
• Eco-friendly design, no oil lubrication, compressed air is quite pure.
• The structure is reasonable and compact, the best effect is obtained with the lowest power consumption, economical power saving and long service life.
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Heating Cable- Orange– 30W – 4.4m

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SOBO Submersible Pump

• High lift, large flow, energy saving and environmental protection;
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• Light seawater can be applied;
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Lansenfish Aquarium Heaters - Stainless Steel

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2. Totally submersible. Durable and safe. Novel design.
3. Unplugged the appliance 15 minutes in advance of changing water.
4. Temperature indicating scale can be adjusted between 20°C~34°C(65°F~93°F).
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