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Sobo Sponge

Specification: Material: biochemical sponge.
Color: White. Size: 100*13.5*3cm(L x W x H).
Color: Blue / Green
Size: 64*12*2cm(L x W x H).
Color: Black
Size: 64*12*2cm(L x W x H).
Package include:
1 x Bags Filter cotton.
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This filtering media is used mostly in top filters and internal filters. It traps fine dirt thus making your aquarium feel crystal clear.

Provides growth for nitrifying bacteria which promotes biological filtration in your tanks The Bio Sponge filter media can be used in marine , fresh water and planted tanks.

Cut this sponge according to your need. Best used media for top filters as well as internal filters. Provide surface for nitrifying bacteria to grow which promotes biological filtration and reduce ammonia level in your tanks.

Traps even fines dirt particles. Properly sanitized so as to prevent harmful bacteria getting carried to your tank.

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