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Hikari - LeopaGel™ 60g

Ideal For Insect-Eating Reptiles
A Scientifically Formulated Growth & Maintenance Diet For Insect-Eating Reptiles Like Leopard Geckos.
R 192,90 R 169,90

Hikari - Crest Gel™ >>>SPECIAL PRICE<<<

Ideal For Fruit & Insect-Eating Geckos
A Growth And Maintenance Diet For Most Fruit & Insect-Eating Geckos, Like Crested Geckos, Giant Geckos And Phelsuma Day Geckos.
R 229,90 R 184,90

Hikari - DragonGel™ 60g

Ideal For Vegetable & Insect-Eating Lizards
A Growth And Maintenance Diet For Most Vegetable & Insect-Eating Lizards, Like Bearded Dragons, Ocellated Lizards & Water Dragons.
R 229,90 R 179,90