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Superfish Air-Set Air Tube & Accessories Kit

kit includes 2.5m of air tube, along with multiple tube connectors (Y, L and T connectors), 2 air valves for trimming and a non-return
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Minimum Tank Size: 50 L
Care Level: Moderate
Water Conditions: 7.0-8.0 and Moderately Hard to Very Hard
Temperature: 21–27 °C (71.5–80.5 °F)
Maximum Size: 6 inches (15cm)

Assorted Mix Guppy

Images for illustration only
This is a random mix of guppy, anything goes for colour.
Local Bred Guppy not imported.

SOBO Air Pump (3L/min)

• Use special synthetic rubber, constant volume of gas pressure;
• Stable performance, safe and super-static;
• Applies to aquarium aeration and jet accessories.