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Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat Control Switch

Controls heat in your racking system, display enclosure or incubator.
Makes sure your reptile’s heat source is at the optimal temperature all the time
Model: XH-W3001
Remembers all your settings when the power goes off for load shedding, so there is no need to reset the device.
When the power comes back on everything will continue to work as normal Probe length: 200cm
Controls the temperature of your choice from 1 degrees Celsius
Delivery date: 3-5 working days

>When connect to power supply, press the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time more than 3 seconds, display show 888

>If display LLL. means the sensor is fault, need to check the sensor.

>If displat HHH, means the temperature is above the range

>Display always shows the real-time temperature

>Start temperature

< Termination temperature will be Heating mode

>Start temperature

> Termination temperature will be Cooling mode Set start temperature: Press “up” to show the starting temperature, long press “up” about 3 seconds, start temperature digital flashing, you can set the required temperature by the up and down keys Set stop temperature: Press the “down” to show the termination temperature, long press “down” for about 3 seconds, termination temperature digital flashing, you can set the required temperature by the up and down keys

Reset Power state, while holding down the “up” “down” button, digital display “888” and then automatically jump to the detection temperature, then restore the factory settings When setting the heating mode, if the set temperature value is set to the opposite, the output indicator will not light, the load will not work.

If the above situation occurs after setting, you can check whether the set temperature value has the opposite.

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