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Terrarium Temperature Controller

The temperature probe line is 2.4 meters long.
Can be connected to two or three hole heating equipment.
The maximum load power is 1500W.
Temperature control ranges from -9℃ to 39℃ Celsius.
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  Operating Instructions
1. The controller turns on the power, the temperature bar shows the current actual temperature, the status bar shows [RUN], and press the set temperature to run, set the temperature to remember.
2. The temperature "+" key: increase the set temperature.
In the status display [SET], each time you press this key once, set the temperature rise 1℃, press and hold this key can be continuous rise, until +39℃, leave the key operation for 5 seconds, automatically return to the running state. The set temperature is memorized. Power off after power, set the temperature unchanged.
2. Temperature "-" key: reduce the set temperature.
When the [SET] is displayed, press this key once to set the temperature to decrease by 1℃. Press and hold this key to continue to rise continuously until -9℃, and return to the running state after leaving the key for 5 seconds. The set temperature is memorized. Power off after power, set the temperature unchanged.
Work Mode
When the ambient temperature name set temperature -1 ℃, turn on the load power;
When the ambient temperature is set to temperature + 1 ℃, cut off the load power;
When the set temperature -It ambient temperature <set temperature + 1 ℃, the original operating state unchanged.
Set the temperature range: -9 ℃ -39 ℃
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