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Tetra Aquasafe

Tetra AquaSafe Protects fish and plants reliably from harmful substances in the tap water and adds important vital substances. For natural aquarium water. The optimized formula is ideally adapted to the needs of the skin and fins of your fish.
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    • Power line water fishing
    • Neutralises instantly hazardous chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead
    • Protects gills and mucosa of the fish
    • Reduces stress and supports long-term health through a special vitamin B mix
    • Promotes vitality, as well as growth and well-being through the addition of iodine and magnesium
    • Provides clear water by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria
    • Fast soluble, effective in seconds with long-term effect
    • For all fresh and salt water aquariums

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100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml / 5 L

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