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Trixie - Dog Whistle

An alarm whistle can be used as an acoustical signal for dog. For that it is necessary to get the dog used to the sound as soon as possible. This makes walking tours with the dog more relaxing.
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Due to the constant acoustical signal your dog always knows what he is expected to do. The human intonation often depends on variations like getting into dangerous situations so that your dog will become diverted or unsure - metal - constant audio frequency - with ring for fixing a cord - for an effective dog training tip: the best training results are achieved when dog and master are having fun during the training and feel experiences of success.
Product features:
- Uniform tone frequency
- Ideal for dog training
- Also good for football!
- Metal whistle
Trixie - Metal Whistle
High quality metal training whistle with a consistent sound allows you to teach your pet to associate sound with commands.
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