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Turkistan roach (Blatta lateralis )

Turkestan cockroaches are sometimes kept to feed to pet reptiles and other insectivores, chosen partly because they can't climb smooth surfaces and don't burrow. Cockroaches have been replacing crickets, the most popular feeder insect for decades, due to the cricket's noise, odor, short lifespan, and expense. Turkestan cockroaches are a popular choice of species, and are readily available.
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Turkistan, Afgahnastan, Middles East. There are also currently non-native populations in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Texas and also Florida.
Turkistan Roach a.k.a. Turkistan or Red racers a.k.a. rusty reds a.k.a Lats a.k.a. Blatta lateralis. Lats are a small fast moving roach. They are sexually dimorphic, males have wings and females do not. They cannot climb glass or plastic but Adult Males can sort of fly. These ARE a known infestation species although infestations are uncommon. These are a desert roach.
1/16th when hatched to 1 inch as adults
6-12 months
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