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Turtle Climbing Platform with Simulated Lawn

Key Features: 1. Our turtle ramp is easy to help pets grind the nail when passing, providing a place for turtles to relieve stress and enhance physical fitness and immunity. 2. The simulation grass platform designed a reasonable climbing length and climbing angle, which greatly increases friction and gives the turtle a pristine and comfortable habitat environment. 3. Turtle climber encourages turtles to climb and gets shine upon the sun, preventing the softening of the shell as well as boosting their metabolism and enhancing fitness.
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[Create a Comfortable Habitat Environment] Tortoise climbing platform not only increases the ornamental value of your tank but also provides a wide and flat surface for your pet to bask and warm up.
[Simulation Turf] The turtle resting terrace surface is covered with artificial simulation green turf that is soft and non-slip, and gives traction, which is very attractive to the turtle so they can easily climb onto the platform and bask as they should.
[With Powerful Suction Cups] Our grass turtle ramp hold comes with powerful suction cups that you can place wherever you want. Please make sure to attach the suction cup to a smooth glass or acrylic surface, etc. When using, keep the surface clean, you can sprinkle some water on the suction cup according to the actual situation, and squeeze out the excess air in the suction cup.
[Safe and Durable PP Material] Our turtle climb ramp is made of high-quality PP material that is safe, non-toxic, and odorless. It will not harm your pets. Durable and sturdy enough provides a long service life.
[Wide Application] The turtle resting terrace is suitable for frogs, salamanders, newts, and any water environment-loving reptile or amphibian pets.