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Venus Aqua Portable Battery Air Pump

Is a single-outlet air pump that provides a natural fluctuation in water as well as providing oxygen in small size aquariums. It works with 2 batteries of 1.5 volts. A maximum of 2 L of water can be sprayed per minute.
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Instruction manual 

It is quite easy to install and operate the dopa portable air motor which can be hung on the wall. First, the aquarium above, must be placed in a dry place. If the aquarium is covered, it can be put on the aquarium. Particular attention should be paid to being above. Otherwise, the pump may malfunction if water is returned to the pump. After the pump is installed at a suitable location, the pump is ready to be used with the air hose attached to the end of the air outlet pipe. You can operate the engine by operating the on / off switch. 

Inside the box, air hose and round air stone with a diameter of 2 cm are standard.

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