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Vets Choice Dog Food

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Vets Choice Small and Medium Breed Puppy

Vets Choice Small & Medium Breed Puppy is a complete and balanced, affordable diet suitable for puppies whose adult weight is expected to be below 25 kgs.
R 116.90

Vets Choice Large and Giant Breed Puppy

Vets Choice Large Breed Puppy is formulated for the correct growth of large and giant breed dogs with an expected adult weight of 25 kgs and over.
R 472.90

Vets Choice All Breeds Adult Premium

Kick start adulthood with Vets Choice Adult All Breeds Premium dog food for all breeds and all sizes of adult dogs (over 1 year) of normal activity. This nutritious bag of dry dog food is enriched with vital nutrients to support healthy skin, coat and skeletal health.
R 116.90

Vets Choice All Breeds Adult Sensitive

Vets Choice Sensitve is formulated for dogs with a tendancy to sensitive digestion and skin. This diet contains a unique protein source that is not commonly used, therefore reducing risk of allergies and rice as the carbohydrate source ensuring high digestibility.
R 145.90

Vets Choice All Breeds Adult Superior

Vets Choice Superior for adult dogs with high nutrient requirements such as working or very active dogs, performance and show dogs and convalescent dogs.
R 472.90

Vets Choice All Breeds Senior Golden Years

Vets Choice Golden Years is specially formulated to provide all the nutrients your senior dog needs to stay healthy.
R 116.90

Vets Choice All Breeds Adult Lite

Vets Choice Lite level's of essential nutrients are increased to compensate for a restricted calorie intake whilst added barley, a low GI carbohydrate assists with weight control and gluco-modulation.
R 116.90

Vets Choice Large and Giant Breed Adult

Vets Choice Adult Large Breed dry dog food is a premium dog food for large adult dogs weighing over 26 kg. Enriched with Taurine, Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals to support a healthy heart and maintain healthy skin and coat in your large companion.
Vets Choice Adult Large Breed has larger kibbles to suit your big dog’s jaws and promote chewing, for a great culinary experience.
R 415.90