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Water Bowl

Available in 3 sizes.
Ideal for small pets and reptiles.
Safe and non toxic.
Earthly colours to blend in.
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R 59.90
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Foil Heat Pad Small 9W

9W Heating Strip
Size: 150mm x 212mm
Adhesive back to mount on any smooth surface.
Provides an ideal heat source for your reptiles and exotic pets, allowing them to reach their desired temperatures in their enclosures.
R 59.90

Heat Pad / Light Fixture Connector Set

This product is used to connect a heating pad or a light fixture unit to a main power supply.
Includes the following:
Chocolate Block
Rip Cord 2.5m length
Inline Switch
STD 3 Prong Plug
R 65.90

BE Round Hide Asst Sizes

Simple round hide in various sizes
Cream colour with single entrance.
R 44.90

NP Sliver stainless steel snake hook - 2 Sizes

Durable material.
Hook quality and lightweight.
PVC outside and eco-friendly paper package.
Sliver stainless steel snake hook have the flexible function.
R 89.90