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Water Conditioners

Water conditioners are essential to use for making our tap water safe and suitible for your aquatic animals. Our tap water may have harmfull chemeicals and other elements that can harm and damage your aquarium and its inhabitants. View our extensive range to suit any aquatic environment that you may be working on, if in doubt send us an email or call us for the solutions you need.

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Tetra Aqua Easy Balance

Tetra EasyBalance Reduces cleaning effort and keeps fish and plants in top condition. The unique combination of active ingredients ensures balanced water for several months and increases the period of time between water changes. The improved formula contains an optimized mineral mix.
R 120,25

Tetra Algumin 100ml

Tetra AlguMin Tetra AlguMin rapidly combats all types of algae and effectively prevents new growth. The ingredient is released immediately to ensure a fast action Optimum distribution of the active agent due to liquid formula For all freshwater aquariums
R 95,00

Seachem - Acid Buffer™

Adjusts pH to 5.0—8.0 Converts alkalinity [KH] to CO2 Contains no phosphate
R 75,00

Seachem - Alkaline Buffer™

Adjusts pH to 7.2—8.5 Increases alkalinity Contains no phosphate
R 72,00

Seachem - Equilibrium™ 300g

Restores and maintains mineral balance and GH Does not contain sodium or chloride like competing products Ideally suited for use with RO or DI water or any mineral deficient water
R 199,00

Seachem - Prime®

Complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and saltwater Removes chlorine, chloramine Detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate 5X more concentrated than competing products
R 91,00

Seachem - Stability®

New tank stabilization system for marine and freshwater Rapidly and safely establishes bio-filter Prevents "New Tank Syndrome"
R 88,00

Seachem - AmGuard™

Detoxifies Ammonia for up to 48 hours Ideal for emergency situations More effective than any other ammonia-binding product Most concentrated product on the market
R 117,00

Seachem - Clarity™

Water clarifier for marine and freshwater Clears all types of clouding Reef and plant safe
R 113,00