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Westerman's - SUET FEEDER RING

38 x 24 cm
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R 149.90
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12 x 250g Slabs
Vegetable fat, peanut butter and assorted grains.
R 293.90

Freeze Dried Meal Worms - Tub

A natural food for insectivorous reptiles. Mealworms have a high protein content that helps promote growth and contain high levels of Omega-3’s. Freeze dreid mealworms are an excellent choice to add variety to your pets diet and eliminate the hassles associated with livefeeder insects.
R 42.00

EZ Worms Dried

EZ-Worms offer your animals an all-natural, high-protein, calcium-rich food source! EZ-Worms is a premium blend of Dried Mealworms and Dried Calci-Worms (black soldier fly larvae).
R 28.90

Zoo Med - Can O' Snails

Medium size unshelled snails. Ideal for skinks, turtles, monitors, tegus and small animals. Also great for box turtles! 25-30 snails per can. Size: 1.2 oz
R 84.95