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X-30UV Cannister Filter

Class leading low energy consumption.
Suitable for aquariums up to 1500 liters.
Includes a powerful Ultra Violet Sterilizer and a built-in drain valve for easier maintenance.
The Betta Choice X-30 UV Aquarium Canister Filter is an external power filter suitable for aquariums up to 1500L.
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The filter is easy and simple to use. It features a high output pump, built-in Ultra-Violet Sterilizer, and an easy-to-clean multi-stage canister with large pre-filter. This product is recommended for use with all tropical, marine and coldwater fish. Betta Canister filters have an abundance of features making them a wise choice for your freshwater or marine aquarium. This quiet and reliable filter has class leading, low energy consumption whilst providing a high flow rate and good filtration. The unfiltered water flows in from the aquarium and into the UV chamber where harmful bacteria, germs, free-floating parasites, and algae spores are eradicated. The water then flows into a multi-stage filtration system, passing through the media trays containing mechanical and biological medias before being pumped back into the aquarium.



  • Complete filter media set in 3 easy-to-clean trays. 
  • (Alternative filter medias can be used in place of the media provided, such as carbon, or contaminant removers)
  • 13w Ultra-Violet Sterilizer with built-in tilt safety switch.
  • Patented revolutionary one-pump ez prime system.
  • Pipe kit with twin multi-directional outlet nozzle, hose, intake pipe with strainer, suction cups and securing hose clips.
  • Colour-coded, easy-to-release, double valve adapter for attaching the hoses to the filter.
  • Built in drain valve for easier maintenance.


  • Maximum output 3000 litres per hour.
  • Maximum pump head: 3.15m.
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 1500 litres.
  • Running power: 40w.
  • UV light: 13w, replace every 12 months, (will need switching off when using some treatments)
  • Filter canister volume: 20 litres. 
  • Pipe work size: 20mm. 
  • Dimensions: 350x350x580mm.

Suitable for use in tropical, coldwater and marine aquariums.

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