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Zolux - Guinea Pig 360 Cage

This high quality cage will adapt perfectly to a guinea pig, but will also be suitable for other types of rodents: chinchilla, gerbil, hamster, rabbit, rat, mouse ... The transparent walls included on this rodent shelter will give you the possibility of observing your animal very easily.
The latter will also benefit from an enlarged view of his environment, thus reducing stress while improving his comfort.
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These walls also make it possible to avoid the projections of litter outside the cage, which is quite common on a shelter with conventional bars.

You will also find a large opening on the top so you can easily catch your pet.

Available colors: Gray / Blue and Gray / Orange.

External dimensions of this Zolux cdi vision cage:
- Length: 78 cm
- Depth: 46 cm
- Height: 26 cm

Internal dimensions of the indoor cage:
- Length: 72 cm
- Depth: 42 cm
- Height: 25 cm

Cage made in Europe.