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Zolux Nevo Prestige Rodent Cage 64 cm

The NEVO Prestige bar cage from Zolux - several colors for small rodents such as mice, rats and hamsters.
It offers your animal a completely innovative space of freedom, with transparent walls which will also allow you to observe it better, while integrating more easily into your interior decoration.
In addition, these walls prevent projections outside the cage and make maintenance easier!
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Equipped with wide wooden platforms and perforated on all 4 sides to reinforce ventilation, the  NEVO Prestige Zolux cage  offers the animal more comfort. The cage is equipped with holes to integrate a Neo bottle, a Neo feeder or a wheel (accessories not supplied).

Unique: NEVO furniture are also available, to integrate the cage into a piece of furniture which places the animal at the right height and provides an appreciable storage space for its accessories, its litter and its food.

Characteristics - NEVO Prestige bar cage for small rodents (hamster, mouse) - Several Zolux colors: 
- Cage with bars for small rodents, hamsters, mice
- It includes: 1 wooden floor with niche with access ramp, 1 large opening on the mesh top, 4 feet allowing the cage to be raised 
- External dimensions of the cage without the feet: L 78 xp 48 xh 36 cm.
- External dimensions of the cage with the feet: L 78 xp 48 xh 64 cm.
- Internal dimensions of the cage: L 73 xp 42 xh 32 cm.
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