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Zolux Turtle Aquarium for Water Turtle

The Aqua terrarium is a simple, effective and aesthetic habitat suitable for aquatic turtles or ideal for two turtles.
The Aqua terrarium is sold with the following equipment:
- A grid with a locking system: positioned on the top of the terrarium, the grid provides safety both for the risk of escape and for external intrusions (cats, children, etc.) or object falls.
- Four locking corners: Four angle grid lock prevents unintentional removal.
- An internal filter: powerful and adjustable, it keeps water clean, with turtles producing many waste.
- One platform: Water turtles need to get out of water from time to time. The supplied platform is positioned as desired using a powerful suction cup that holds it perfectly.
Decorations and plants not included!
This product carries additional shipping charge of R150-00
Delivery date: 3-5 working days
R 1 100.00